KCPD Friends & Family

Standing Behind the Thin Blue Line

OUR MISSION: KCPD Friends & Family is dedicated to taking care of KCPD officers and their families in times of crisis, injury, or illness. We believe in providing emotional support and/or encouragement in times of need. We strive to build a relationship with the community and creating a supportive environment for our families and the community in which they live and serve. We are the support behind the thin blue line. 

KCPD Friends & Family is a non-profit 501(c)(3),  non-partisan, volunteer service organization comprised of family members and significant others of sworn and non-sworn Kansas City Missouri Police Department members who wish to support the police department, its members, and the community.

Upcoming Events & Announcements:

Monday, July 9th

We will be hosting our elections for those running for office! Check the Facebook group for date and location and be ready to vote! Please contact us if you cannot make it and would like to complete an absentee ballot.